Controller Cards + Options

The PLOTBASE controller provides a professional, client / server workflow solution combined with the speed and convenience of a hardware RIP that’s installed on a standard Windows PC.

  • Ricoh Controller Cards

    Controller cards for Ricoh RW-470, RW-240, RW-2400/3600, RW-480, MP W5100/7140 & the Lanier, Savin, Gestetner, GEI equivalent models

    RW-470 – D1 PLOTBASE Controller Card: # 411080

    RW-240 – D2 PLOTBASE Controller Card: # 413025

    RW-480 – D3 PLOTBASE Controller Card: # 412397

    RW-2400/3600 – D4 PLOTBASE Controller Card: # 413710

    RW-5100/7140 – D5 PLOTBASE Controller Card: # 406358

    PCB Interface kits also available for the RW-240, 3600 and 5100/7140 models. Please check with us for availability & cost

  • Scan & PDF Options for Ricoh PLOTBASE

    Add Scan to File / Multipage file, Image clean up / editing, batch print set, archive and email

    RW-470 : PLOTBASE|3 Scan Option # 411082

    RW-240 – PLOTBASE|3 Scan Option # 411738

    RW-2400/3600 – PLOTBASE|3 Scan Option # 413716

    RW-480 – PLOTBASE|3 Scan Option # 412398

    RW-5100/7140 – PLOTBASE|5.5 # 406316

    Add PS/PDF native PDF file batch plotting + Scan to PDF (when combined with SCAN option)

    RW-470 – PLOTBASE|3 PS/PDF Option # 411083

    RW-240 – PLOTBASE|3 PS/PDF Option # 411739

    RW-2400/3600 – PLOTBASE|3 PS/PDF Option # 413711

    RW-480 – PLOTBASE|3 PS/PDF Option # 412399

    RW-5100/7140 – PLOTBASE|5.5 PS/PDF Option # 406359

    Options are provided as new rsp license files made directly for the controller card. TAN certificates are not required. When ordering, please specify the controller card serial # (printed on the card) unless you are ordering a new controller card from us at the same time.

  • External Cables for Ricoh Controllers

    Connect the PLOTBASE Controller to the Ricoh Wide Format Interface connection on the back of the copier.

    RW-470 – External Cable, 5m length: # RW-470-CBL5

    RW-240 – External Cable, 5m length: # RW-240-CBL5

    RW-480 – External Cable, 5m Length: # RW-480-CBL5

    RW-2400/3600 External Cable, 5m Length: # RW-3600-CBL5

    Interface kits which install in the copier itself, are also available

  • PLOTBASE Controller cards are specific to the copier model specified. They cannot be interchanged with other model copiers. License files are also made specifically for a given controller serial number. Once issued (or previously, once a ‘TAN’ has been registered for a given controller serial #) the license cannot be transferred to a different controller card. On the rare occassion when a controller card fails or is damaged, the license can be exchanged with options that were assigned to the damaged card when a new replacement controller card is purchased and the original failed/damaged card is returned.

Kyocera PLOTBASE External RIP kit for KM 4850W

The perfect replacement solution for the Kyocera embedded CADMASTER controller.

KM External PLOTBASE|3 Controller Kit – # KM4850NA