PLOTBASE software and our RIP controller cards offer the big advantage of using regular Windows Operating System software and standard PC platforms. Versus requiring proprietary, locked down external hardware or a restricted access embedded internal controller, you have the freedom and convenience of using industry standard PCs for hosting the production plotting software or combination RIP card & software. This can save lots of money in the long run, whether you desire to benefit from increasing your plotting speed by upgrading the PLOTBASE Server PC or the much lower cost of repairing / replacing a standard Windows PC in case of failure. Ease of updates for Windows compatibility & file format / application software compatibilities are also realized.

Technical tips, documents and user comments are welcome. Check back often for news and tips on updates, compatibilities, installation tips, Windows OS updates and more. Have something to add or share with the PLOTBASE user community? Please use the contact us page or email to support @

White Papers & support documents with tech tips for installation & use of PLOTBASE products.

How to find the controller card serial number

How to apply an RSP License file

SNMP Communications

Repair Truncated SCANTOOL Dialogue Box

RIP CUBE Product Info Sheet

If inquiring about an RSP license file, enter the controller card serial # in the comments field. Valid serial #’s are in the form of:
P821910xxxx-X  (RW-470)
K18488xxxxx-X  (RW-240)
K80588xxxxx-X  (RW-480)
M20788xxxxx-X  (RW-3600)
V20896xxxxx-X  (RW-5100)